Schedule: Part-Time vs Full-Time Artist

As you might know, I am slowly developing The Part-Time Artist on different media. And recently, I’ve started a Youtube channel! So today’s blog post features a video, where I talk about how I organised my schedule when I had a day job, and how I organise my time now that I don’t have one.

Part-Time Artist Schedule

I used to work in a theatre. Most of my shifts were in the evening, so I tried to do most of the writing before going to work. I got up around 9-10AM (I’m not an early riser!). I would start to write at around 12. And then I would go to work around 2-4PM (depending on my shifts starting time).

My schedule would depend on if I had a deadline or not. For example, if I was doing NaNoWrimo, that meant that I had a lot of writing to get done every day. Usually I had to free at least 2 hours per day for writing, which is a lot. I would get up earlier, do less chores and see friends less often.

My shifts lasted until 22.30, so when I came back home (roughly an hour later) I would not write most of the time. I would still go on social media and reply to interactions that happened when I was at work. Unless it was something like NaNoWrimo and I had to write (until probably 1-2AM).

I tried to build the writing as a habit. I would write every day at the same time, so I didn’t need much motivation to do it.

If I had a double shift at work, I would probably not have time to write but I would always try to do something related to my art. For example go on social media or work on my website. Something, anything, to feel like my day wasn’t wasted at work.

Full-Time Artist Schedule

I quit my job in January, and at first I thought I would have a hard time scheduling my work. I feared that I would treat it as a holiday. But it turns out that I’m very busy with the Part-Time Artist, and much more productive. The Part-Time Artist has become a multi-media business, with a book, a website, a podcast and a Youtube channel, which means that I have a lot of work!

The weird thing is that I have kept pretty much the same rhythm than when I was working. I’m still a night owl, which means that I do most of my work from early afternoon until quite late at night (10-11PM, sometimes even midnight!). I usually start at the same time as when I was working, so it’s like the habit that I built a long time ago is still there. I don’t want to change it because it works for me. I’m convinced that you have to find your own rhythm and stick to it.

I usually start with something quite easy. I’m currently learning Norwegian, so I start my day with a couple of lessons on Duolinguo. And then I get rid of the most annoying things first: applying to freelance jobs, banking stuff, admin…

Then I start working on The Part-Time Artist related stuff. I try to start with the activities that take the most brain power: blog post writing, podcast recording, video shooting. Then I go into things like editing, working on the website, less difficult activities. And then I finish the day with the easiest things: social media or image editing for example.

In Conclusion

When you quit your job, your life completely changes. But building good habits while you are employed is a massive help when you become a full-time artist, as these habits ensure that you stay productive and motivated.

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