A Guide to Getting the Creative Life You've Always Wanted

Being an artist is HARD! Between the lack of consideration from society in general, the ever-growing costs of living, and the demands of adulthood, it’s more and more difficult to find time and energy to create.

Do you hate your job, but can’t afford to be an artist full-time? Do you feel like you’ll never “make it”? Is everyone pushing you to quit your dream? Have you started to doubt you had any talents in the first place? 

I know, I’ve been there!

Years of struggle, between depressing day jobs and stressful money problems, have taught me a lot, and I decided that I should share that knowledge and experience with other creatives. This is why I wrote The Part-Time Artist.

In this book, I share simple but proven principles to help you create goals, build productive habits, and believe in yourself. I give you my tips to overcome the main obstacles of an artist life: no time, no money, no recognition. And I share the simple business plan that transformed my life, from unhappy employee to thriving creative entrepreneur.

All of this is possible, and The Part-Time Artist shows you how.

Topics Covered in the Book
  1. What Artist Do You Want to Be?
  2. Motivation
  3. Time Management
  4. Energy & Health
  5. Mental Health
  6. Day Job & Money
  7. Going Full-Time
  8. Being Happy
Who Is It For?
Amazing Illustrations by JC Porcel

I collaborated by Juan Carlos Porcel to illustrate the book. Find more about JC Porcel here.

I love that now I know the business side, and what other things I can do for money. I will always keep this book as reference and continue this art journey I have! Thanks for writing this book! This book probably saved my life from going down a path that was miserable for me.
Chloe M
Terranova has succeeded in delivering a one-stop go-to guide for getting over the hurdles of becoming a legitimate creative. This book is for everyone who is scared to take that big leap. The author leads you through and gently explains each step that you must face while remaining funny, witty and engaging. Fantastic. Not a wasted word.
Joshua Philip Aye
Just wanted to say how useful "The Part-Time Artist" is. A few chapters in and already lots to think about!
A Bloke Dyslexic
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While the blog contains some of the concepts discussed in the book, the book is meant to help you go through a complete transformation. While following my story, you’ll learn to manage your time better, gain confidence as an artist and organise your life to achieve your creative goals.

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