The Part-Time Artist & Happy Not Tortured Bundle (ePub & Mobi)



The Part-Time Artist

Being an artist is HARD! Between the lack of consideration from society in general, the ever-growing costs of living, and the demands of adulthood, it is more and more difficult to find time and energy to create.

Do you hate your job, but can’t afford to be an artist full-time? Do you feel like you’ll never “make it”? Is everyone pushing you to quit your dream? Have you started to doubt you had any talents in the first place? I know, I’ve been there!

Years of struggle, between depressing day jobs and stressful money problems, have taught me a lot, and I decided that I should share that knowledge and experience with other creatives. This is why I wrote The Part-Time Artist.

In this book, I share simple but proven principles to help you create goals, build productive habits, and believe in yourself. I give you my tips to overcome the main obstacles of an artist life: no time, no money, no recognition. And I share the simple business plan that transformed my life, from unhappy employee to thriving creative entrepreneur.

All of this is possible, and The Part-Time Artist shows you how.


Happy, Not Tortured

Being an artist doesn’t mean that you have to suffer!

Bad days happen to everyone. But how do you keep working when there are more bad days than good days? When your mental health takes a toll on your creativity? When anxiety, depression, self-doubt or imposter syndrome prevent you from doing your best work?

In a world where artists are perceived as “drama queens” and are expected to “get on with it”, this book shows you that there is a way to take care of your mental health while continuing to create.

There’s no need to be a tortured artist anymore. You can be a happy artist instead.


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