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The show where artists from various fields talk about their story, their daily life and their struggles! The podcast is all about how to survive as an artist, how to find the time to create, how to set up your creative business and much more.

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Episode 1: You Are Unique! With Joseph O’Reilly (09/04/2019)

For this first episode, I was very lucky to be able to interview one of the contributors for the book, musical theatre performer Joseph O’Reilly!

Together we talk about auditions, rejections and comparisons with other performers. You don’t want to miss this episode!

If you want to know more about Joseph, find him on Instagram.

Episode 2: Never Stop Learning, with Lauren Shields (23/04/2019)

In this episode, we talk about organising your time when you have a “muggle job”, why a good teacher can help young artists, and why drama school is not the only path, with my guest singer Lauren Shields.

Lauren is a singer and performer, and she’s one half of the cabaret duo The Diva List. She produces her own shows, and she juggles her singing activities with a busy day job. She was one of the contributors for the book, and has inspired my own routines and time management systems.

If you want to follow Lauren:

Episode 3: How To Find Your Calling, with Juan Carlos Porcel (07/05/2019)

In this episode, we talk about using art as a therapy, teaching to young students, finding the things that inspire you and changing society’s perception of art, with my guest Juan Carlos Porcel. 

Juan Carlos makes video games, comic books and replicas. He is also an art teacher, and a prolific Youtuber.

If you want to see his creations:

Episode 4: Think Wide and Believe in Yourself, with Vicky Brewster (21/05/2019)

In this episode, we talk about building a creative business, dealing with taxes even when it’s painful, and feeling confident about your skills, with my guest editor Vicky Brewster.

Vicky is an editor based in South Wales, UK. She has an accounting background and is currently doing a PhD in English Literature.

If you want to follow Vicky: