Because Mental Health Can Impact Your Creativity Too!

(Available May 9th)

Being an artist doesn’t mean that you have to suffer!

Bad days happen to everyone. But how do you keep working when there are more bad days than good days? When your mental health takes a toll on your creativity? When anxiety, depression, self-doubt or imposter syndrome prevent you from doing your best work?

In a world where artists are perceived as “drama queens” and are expected to “get on with it”, this book shows you that there is a way to take care of your mental health while continuing to create.

There’s no need to be a tortured artist anymore. You can be a happy artist instead.

Topics Covered in the Book
  1. Mental Health and Creativity: a chapter about why it is important to talk about mental health and why the creative industries are not well equipped to deal with it.
  2. Your Old Mental Health Diet: in this chapter, I list a lot of behaviours that are known to make your mental health worse. I speak about my bad habits, and give you examples of how they made my life more difficult.
  3. Hopes and Expectations: before you can improve your habits, you need to understand why you do them in the first place. In this chapter, I talk about our expectations as artists, as well as important concepts such as guilt and purpose.
  4. Your New Mental Health Diet: now that you are ready to change, it’s time to adopt positive and productive habits. In this chapter, I list a lot of options for you that you can pick and choose to make your own menu!
  5. Crisis Strategies: despite all the prevention, sometimes it is impossible to avoid a crisis such as panic attacks, anxiety or more extreme crisis such as suicidal thoughts. This chapter is about getting help when you need it and how to do so.
  6. Keep Creating: in the last chapter of the book, I give you strategies to continue creating despite mental health problems, so that you can be a long-lasting artist!
Who Is It For?
  • Creatives from all fields: Performers, Writers, Musicians, Illustrators, Designers, Actors, Singers, Filmmakers, Comedians, Photographers...
  • Artists at any stage of their career: Students, Confirmed, Hobbyists...
  • Creators looking to change their habits and improve their relationship with their art.
  • Anyone who is struggling or has struggled with mental health issues.