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If you are a busy creative looking for advice, support and resources about how to develop your artistic career while having a day job, you are in the right place!

My name is Céline Terranova, and I have been a part-time writer for the past twenty years. It’s been a crazy ride, trying to make it work alongside a full-time job. I have made so many mistakes, but I have learned so much!

I’ve always felt like there wasn’t much help for people like me. I had to deal with the frustration of having a job-to-pay-the-bills while trying to build a creative career, and my dream seemed out of reach. Worse: there were many voices that told me to stop trying, that it wasn’t worth it. It was discouraging and depressing, and I wished I had someone to advise me otherwise.

This is why I have created The Part-Time Artist. I want to be this person for you. I want to help you believe in yourself, achieve your dreams and find happiness. Whether you are a writer, an illustrator, a performer, a musician, an entrepreneur, a designer, or any other kind of creative, I believe that you can benefit from the content of this website.

Start Here!

If you feel burned out, if you feel like giving up, if you can’t find the motivation to create or if you just want to know you are not alone in this, I have several options for you:

  • My book gives you strategies and insight from my creative career, and helps you solve issues such as lack of time, no energy for your art, burnout, money problems and much more! It is available in eBook and Paperback.
  • My podcast features guests from various artistic fields, who have a unique and inspiring point of view on their craft and what it means to be a creative. There’s a new episode every other Tuesday.
  • My courses are dedicated to artists who want to become full-time entrepreneurs at some point.
  • I have recently started a Youtube channel, featuring advice, tips and my experience as an artist. There will be 1-2 new videos per month.
  • In addition to the book, I have compiled a series of resources: books, podcasts, softwares, websites… The page is updated regularly!
  • Finally, my blog is updated every Tuesday and Friday, with subjects as varied as motivation, health, resources, reviews and business advice:


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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

– Pablo Piccasso