My NaNoWriMo Tips

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us!

As you might have seen if you follow me on social media, I am doing NaNoWriMo for the fifth year in a row! I will be participating with the follow-up book to The Part-Time Artist:

Happy, Not Tortured: A Mental Health Guide for Artists and Creatives

Previously, I won NaNoWriMo three times and lost once (last year). I am well used to this challenge and what it takes to make it to the 50K mark. So this year, I’ve decided to share tips all along October.

Every day I post a short video with a tip that helped me face this amazing challenge. I will update this blog post throughout the month to include all the tips.

And if you want to add me to your NaNoWriMo buddies, click on this link:

And now, let’s get to the tips!

Tip 1: Commit

Tip 2: Plan, Plan, Plan

Tip 3: Eat and Sleep Well

Tip 4: Make Nano Friends

Tip 5: Find Your Own Method

Tip 6: It’s a Marathon

Tip 7: Self-Care

Tip 8: It’s Just a First Draft

Tip 9: Beware Week 2

Tip 10: Take a Day Off

Tip 11: Comfort Food

Tip 12: Backup, Backup, Backup

Tip 13: Follow NaNoWordSprints

Tip 14: Notebook

Tip 15: Go to a Meet-Up

Tip 16: Start at Midnight

Tip 17: Celebrate Milestones

Tip 18: Don’t Read

Tip 19: Energy

Tip 20: Your Why

Tip 21: Skip

Tip 22: Playlist

Tip 23: Ask For Help

Tip 24: Life Happens

Tip 25: Prioritise

Tip 26: Be a Rebel

Tip 27: Don’t Research

Tip 28: Daily Goal

Tip 29: Notifications

Tip 30: Guilt

Tip 31: Enjoy!

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