Let’s Talk About the Book: What’s In It?

Today’s blog post is a little different than usual. It occurred to me that many of you might not really know what my book, The Part-Time Artist, is about. I have quite a long description on the book page, but I get that it’s a lot to read and might not be necessarily be appealing.

So I decided to film a video about it! I’m not a professional Youtuber (yet! lol) but I enjoy having the opportunity to speak to you in a more direct way. I hope you enjoy!

And for those who don’t want to / can’t watch the video, I wrote a summary below!

The Video

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What Is the Book About?

The Part-Time Artist project started in September 2018. It started with my idea of helping other artists, especially the ones who have to deal with a day job and might be demotivated, or might not be able to do as much as they want.

It’s inspired by my experience. I’ve been a writer since I was 11 (that’s when I started writing my first novel). Since then, I’ve always combined being a writer with school first and then many different day jobs. During that time, I’ve gone through pretty much every struggle you can imagine. So I thought: why not talk about it? And the strategies I have developed to be able to continue writing, to achieve my projects, and to keep doing stuff even though I was busy with a full-time day job.

Different sections

Time management: how I managed to write pretty much every day.

Energy and motivation: if you are basically functioning on coffee, you might want to read this (even though I love coffee!)

Mental health: I have mentioned on the blog that I suffer from anxiety. I also talk about depression, imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough. I think we don’t talk enough about these struggles, especially in drama school or art school. It can be a daily reality for an artist, so I talk about what I did to be able to keep creating even though I had these thoughts.

Money: it’s a sore subject for artists, but very important!

Day job: I have had MANY different jobs over the years. And I was also a manager until recently, in a position that allowed me to hire other artists. So I can talk about the other side, from the point of view of someone who gave day jobs to artists.

Business: The Part-Time Artist has become my business. I talk about why I wanted to quit my job, what I’ve done before I quit my job and my business plan. It might be interesting for you if you are in the same situation and maybe wanting to quit your job too.

Being happy: that’s the most important! That’s the reason why we do our art in the first place.

Where to Find the Book?

The book is available in eBook and Paperback, on Amazon, Nook (Barnes and Noble) and Kobo:

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Paperback version available on Amazon only!
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I hope that this post brought some clarification on what the book is and why it could help you. If you have any question, let me know in the comments below!

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