Book Launch: Saturday 9th March!

Today is a quick post to let you know that “The Part-Time Artist” book officially launches this Saturday 9th March!

After months of efforts, the day is finally almost here, and I am so excited to share the book with all of you!

The eBook

You can already pre-order the ebook at three different retailers: Amazon (any region: US, UK, AU, JP, FR, CA,…), Kobo (again, any region) and Barnes & Noble (US only). Prices: $5.99 – £4.99 – 5.49 € (others may vary depending on the store)

Pre-order now in your favourite format:

Amazon Logo
Kobo Logo
(I can only link to the US region for Kobo, but if you go to your own region and search “The Part-Time Artist” you’ll find it)
Nook Logo

Once you have pre-ordered, the ebook will arrive on you device on Saturday! If you buy the book from Saturday, you will receive it immediately!

The Paperback

You will be able to order the paperback version of the book from Saturday 9th March on Amazon:

Amazon Logo

I am currently working to provide you with another option for paperbacks, that you’ll be able to buy directly from me. I am also looking into providing copies of the book to libraries and schools. It’s a work in progress!

Translations of the Book

My intention is to translate the book in other languages (in priority French and Spanish, but I am open to others!). If you are a translator and are interested in the project, feel free to contact me!


I am planning on getting the audiobook version ready by this summer. More information soon!


Being an independent author means that I rely on your reviews to get the book noticed by other potential readers. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to post a review on your retailer website and on Goodreads.

Feel free to publicise it on social media, and don’t hesitate to tag me into our post. If you think that my book helped you on your journey as an artist, please let others know.

And if you are a blogger who would like to feature The Part-Time Artist on your blog, please contact me!

Saturday Only:

TWITTERPALOOZA: If you pre-order the book or buy it on Saturday 9th March, and you let me know, I will give you a BIG SHOUT-OUT on Twitter! Head to my profile to let me know that you have purchased the book and I’ll tweet your profile or retweet your preferred tweet!

If you have any question or concerns, let me know in the comments below.

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