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Do you want more proactive and engaged employees? Do your managers spend a lot of time dealing with behavioural issues within their teams? Do you feel like most trainings are not adapted to the specificities of the creative industry?

According to a study from Ulster University, workers in the creative industry are THREE TIMES more likely to develop a mental health problem than the general population.

Specific characteristics of the creative sector work environment, such as irregular work, high standards and working hours, contribute to the likelihood of developing mental health problems. 

Mental health support, general wellbeing and work environment are factors that are more and more taken in account by employees and managers when applying to a company or deciding to stay in it. Organisations that don’t actively work on improving the quality of life of their employees see a rise of problems such as sick days, lack of proactivity, poor customer service and reduced revenues.

Simply put: if you want good, productive employees, you need to invest in their wellbeing.

Promote Wellbeing Through Training

Training is the best way to make a lasting cultural impact in your organisation. 

But not any training will do!

You need a trainer who speaks two languages: the language of business and the language of art.

With my 6 years experience in the theatre industry and my 20+ years experience as an artist, I understand the needs of entry-level staff as well as those of the highest executives.

I’ve used my experience to design a training programme that speaks to employees and managers alike.

I believe it is crucial to involve everyone, at every level of the organisation, to get profound and lasting results. My ultimate goal is to provide a kinder, more productive and less stressful environment for your company.

Topics covered in my trainings include:

Job Satisfaction

Facing Bullying

Stress Prevention

Managing & People Skills

Legal Obligations

Mental Heath

Work Environment

I offer trainings in-house or external, whatever is most adapted to your particular schedule and situation. I also offer catch-up sessions for new employees.

Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Increased productivity from employees and managers
  • Less sick days, less staff turnover
  • Managers are more confident and more efficient
  • Employees are more proactive and more committed
  • Better customer service and less complaints
  • Reduced time spent dealing with behavioural and/or team problems
  • Improved reputation in the industry and advantage over competitors


Trainings for 2019-2020
Wellbeing Foundation Course


Price per attendant for training in-house. £119 if external. Minimum 5 attendants.

Suitable for: managers, team leaders, supervisors and HR professionals.

This in-depth training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently and effectively manage wellbeing within their teams.

One Day Workshop

Wellbeing Awareness Course


Price per attendant for training in-house. £69 if external. Minimum 8 attendants.

Suitable for: all employees and staff, at any level of the organisation.

This awareness training is designed to help all employees manage their own wellbeing, improve communication with management and reduce issues.

Half-Day Workshop

Individual Training & Coaching

If your organisation is currently facing specific issues, or if you would like to support specific people, I also offer individual sessions.

Benefits of Working With Me


I have worked in the theatre industry for the past 6 years, climbing the ladder until I became a manager. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk!

interactive & EMPOWERING

My trainings always involve the participants and are focused on empowering them. In my courses, students participate instead of just looking at a powerpoint!


All my trainings are bespoke and adapted to your particular needs and wants. Say goodbye to generic training programmes that only apply to big corporations!


I take in account your business needs, such as productivity and revenues. Wellbeing doesn't mean that you will lose money, in the contrary!

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